What makes wood like flooring an excellent flooring choice?

by Natasha Mathew

People are undoubtedly fond of wood like flooring. They are a suitable flooring type for both residential and commercial sites. If you are a homemaker, then you must know that wood-like flooring is supposedly an excellent choice. Whether it is about how pleasant they look or their durability, there is no comparison.

As a matter of fact, wood like flooring adds a hint of warmth and subtlety to the indoors. Not just homemakers but many interior designers choose wooden floors over concrete-based ones. Many points can define them better. Plus, they are more likely to last longer. Moving on, we will discuss some of the key benefits that prove wooden look floors an excellent choice. 

What are some advantages that make wood like flooring an excellent flooring choice?

Wood Like Flooring
Wood Like Flooring

For starters, the availability of options is quite more than you have expected. Just because the textures resemble wood-like patterns does not necessarily mean that you will end up with exact-looking options. You can search the market to find numerous colors and textures in these flooring alternatives. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for engineered hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, vinyl plank flooring, solid wood flooring, or any other type of wood-based flooring option, you will always find tons of design options.

Besides that, the strength and durability of these flooring alternatives are unbeatable. For instance, vinyl flooring and its variants are ideal for high-traffic sites. So, if you want to buy vinyl plank flooring for the living room or a packed classroom, you can count on its durability. It will not break or chip if there’s too much traffic rate in the location.

Moreover, they are quite flexible when it comes to the area of application. Unlike concrete-based flooring, they are no limitations. For example, you can use glass mosaics on walls or sometimes in wet indoors, but any type of wood like flooring, is eligible for dry and wet locations.

Furthermore, you can certainly opt for these floorings as a long-term investment. It not only lasts impressively for years but also upgrades your location’s resale value. There is no such thing as the best time to buy vinyl plank flooring or other wood like flooring because they are pretty affordable. So you can get it for your home renovation within your budget.

What are some common wood-like floor types?

Wood-Like Flooring Types
Wood-Like Flooring Types

This is the most obvious question that you must be thinking about. Since all the floorings are wood-like, you need a way to figure out what is what and what goes best in your location. So, here we are, learning about some common wood-based floor types.

Typical solid wood flooring.

Wood flooring
Wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is all-natural, it will contain a natural look. This conventional floor type is made with a single piece of wood. There is no composition involved in the manufacturing of these planks.

You might have observed that people preferred this type of flooring for their homes. It gave natural warmth and elegance to the decor. Proper care can lead to a better longevity rate for solid wood flooring.

Of course, if you will apply too much pressure, the flooring will compromise and end up breaking. This was not the only limitation of this wood like flooring type. Locations with high moisture levels were more of a threat to them. The planks tend to swell up or form mold layers when exposed to moisture.

Thus, you need to be particular when it comes to picking solid wood flooring. It is not eligible for every indoor. You can go with them for areas that are not moisture-prone. It can surely add a graceful touch to your decor but will not be a long-lasting option to go with.

Engineered wood flooring – A better alternative!

Engineered wood flooring
Engineered wood flooring

To make engineered wood flooring, one need to combine multiple layers of sturdy materials. Basically, it is somewhere a real wood flooring. But the composition of multiple layers makes its construction more durable.

Compared to solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring tend to last longer. They will not run off easily if placed in high-traffic locations. In fact, they can effortlessly sustain traffic. You can consider using this flooring for both residential and commercial locations.

For what it is worth, engineered wood flooring does not get vulnerable around moist environments. In fact, they are eligible for moist environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. You can easily clean them with liquid-based cleaners and mops.

Moreover, the availability of options is not limited. You can find numerous colors and styles. Plus, it will always deliver a cozy vintage look in your living or workspace. As a matter of fact, installation is not such a chaotic task to ask for when it comes to engineered wood flooring. There are several ways to fix these planks. Glue down, staple down, nail down, and floating are some installation methods that allow you to fix these planks.

Best time to buy vinyl plank flooring!

vinyl plank flooring
Vinyl plank flooring

Before coming to the point where you will find why it is best to buy vinyl plank flooring, you first need to learn what vinyl plank flooring is exactly. Vinyl flooring is a synthetic-based flooring that contains components of vinyl and other concrete-based components. Of course, wood is an integral element in its manufacturing. After all, we are talking about wood like flooring and wood-based floor types.

The large planks are eligible for high-traffic sites such as hospitals, classrooms, hotels, retail stores, hallways, etcetera. Other than that, there is no moisture intolerance when you pick the area of applications for vinyl plank flooring.

Vinyl plank flooring is eligible for locations where the moisture content is comparatively higher. It allows you to form a proper grip and avoid slipping on wet floors. Plus, you do not need to pay any additional maintenance fee. It will last for the longest possible time.

Vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles
Vinyl tiles

Just like vinyl plank flooring, the composition of synthetic materials are used to prepare vinyl tiles. It is more of a wood like flooring than a wood-based floors. Usually, it is not necessary that it will include wood components. Sometimes, people use concrete in the construction of vinyl tiles. However, you will get natural wood textures as the final result.

Apart from that, vinyl tiles are excellent flooring choices for wet indoors, such as shower areas, laundry, dining rooms, open rooftops, kitchen floors, etcetera. Basically, vinyl tiles are almost similar to vinyl flooring, but the shape is different. Instead of long planks, you end up with rectangular tiles. Overall, they mimic the looks of other wood like flooring alternatives. Also, you can use them in both residential and commercial settings.

Natural looking bamboo flooring.

Natural looking bamboo flooring
Natural looking bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is a natural flooring material that does not harm the environment. The environmentally-friendly reason is what makes this plant-based flooring a preferred flooring choice, since Bamboo flooring is all-natural. It is renewable. So, you can recycle them pretty easily.

It is also a strong material, capable of withstanding heavy traffic and wear. Bamboo flooring is available in a variety of styles. Moving on, it is easy to maintain and eliminates footstep noise. You can regularly sweep and occasionally mop the floors. It is also resistant to stains and scratches. Overall, bamboo flooring is a stylish and sustainable choice for those looking to update the flooring in their home.

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