7 Clever Ideas to Use Tiles to Highlight the Decor

by Dave Smith

Tiles are one of the simplest options to uplift the decor. No matter what room you are renovating, if you have the right floor tiles and wall tiles, you are good to go. Every location needs specific tiling. Pattern tiles like penny round tiles, chevron tiles, hexagon tiles, brick tiles, etcetera look good in almost every indoors if placed properly.

Furthermore, the choice of backsplash tiles gives you the flexibility to be creative. For bathroom backsplash tiles and kitchen backsplash tiles, you can go with options that complement your decor.

Moreover, the most important factor that you need to consider when choosing the perfect tile for your decor is the strength and durability you are looking for. Some popular materials include porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, glass tiles, and marble tiles. Depending on the location and purpose, you need to choose the material wisely.

As a matter of fact, porcelain and marble tiles are ideal as both wall and floor tiles. But some ceramic tiles are not eligible for high-traffic sites. Similarly, glass tiles are ideal for walls only.

Moving on, here are 7 clever ideas you can use to highlight your decor using different types, designs, colors, patterns, and sizes of tiles.

  1. Use geometric pattern tiles on the living room accent wall

brick look tiles
Brick look tiles

It is important that you create a unique look on your living room walls. This will highlight the walls in the best possible way and will be your decor’s focal point. For that, you need a suitable tiling option. Of course, geometric pattern tiles are the best option one can come up with. You can use penny round tiles, hexagon tiles, rectangular brick tiles, chevron tiles, or some other patterns on your living room accent walls to highlight them.

  1. Play with sizes to give depth to your walls

Wall Tiles
Wall Tiles

Colors are the best way to explore when it comes to decor. You can always create an impactful look for your home by choosing the best color combination. But you have to be certain about what color will look good on your walls.

The best way to arrange the decor is to opt for bold color tiles for neutral color decor. In simple words, if you have neutral shade elements in your decor, you can choose a bold color tiling option. Green tiles, black tiles, or blue tiles will be perfect for that. It will help make the decor look coordinated. This trick will look nice in wide indoors, like hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms. But when you are decorating cozy narrow indoors like bedrooms, study rooms, and kitchens, you should go the other way round, i.e., neutral color tiles for bold color decor.

  1. Do not leave a bland kitchen island

Bland kitchen island
Bland Kitchen Island

A common mistake we all make is that we miss the kitchen island during renovation. This is something that we should not neglect, as the entire kitchen looks bland and incomplete. So you must look for a tiling option for the bland-looking islands.

It doesn’t matter how rich your kitchen cabinets look or how much you have focused on your walls, if the island is dull, you will always feel something is missing. It will be nice if you will go with pattern tiles for your kitchen islands. Doing so will not require additional efforts to enchant the decor and will simultaneously if you do not have a cabinet attachment at the bottom, this will cover it for you.

  1. Use patterned tiles on shower walls

Pattern Tiles
Patterned Tiles

Tiles are not limited to any specific location. You can enhance the decor of almost any deco using tiles. It is a must that you pay attention to every corner of the indoors. Try to make it look best with the most suitable tiling option.

The bathroom is one of those locations that obviously needs tiles. Whether you talk about wall tiles or floor tiles, the location needs a perfect combination of both tiles. For major areas, you can count on ordinary ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble tiles, and glass tiles for major areas. But when it comes to shower walls, you cannot opt for any option.

Shower walls need specific tiles. Glass tiles and backsplash tiles play an important role in this. Bathroom backsplash tiles containing highlighting patterns in glass material will not just enhance your shower walls but will save the walls from water damage. So, it is indeed a clever idea you can opt for.

  1. Themed tiles are better story-tellers

Mosaic Tiles
Mosaic Tiles

If you feel like giving a theme to the indoors, you must look for creative tiles. For example, brick tiles can create a rustic theme in the decor, and if you opt for the right elements, you will surely ace your story.

Similarly, if you have selected metallic color tiles and complemented them with contemporary decorative lights, you have simply created a modern look for your decor. This way, the tiles will deliver a strong yet clear narrative through their looks.

Apart from enhancing the decor, the theme tiles also tell your mood. For example, if you like to chill and relax in a specific area of your home, you will obviously choose soft shade tiles that will not dominate the ambiance. In fact, you will feel welcome whenever you enter there.

  1. Marble tiles are best to deliver a natural look

Marble tiles
Marble Tiles

If you are someone who believes that nothing beats a natural look for the indoors, then you surely will like marble tiles in your indoors. Nothing can beat the versatility of marble tiles. You can either opt for them as floor tiles or as wall tiles. Nothing can beat how charming the decor looks when you place tiles containing natural textures. It not only looks pleasing but creates a subtle vibe for the decor.

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