7 Popular Wall and Floor Tiles Design Ideas! Learn How and Where You Can Use Them.

by Dave Smith

Want to decorate your home but confused with so many ideas of wall and floor tiles? This is a common problem that almost everyone faces. In this scenario, you can pick the right tiles for interior decoration. Tiling indoors with wall tiles and floor tiles is usually simpler than painting walls and using cemented floors.

There are so many options available that are tough, at the same time, enhance the decor’s beauty. Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are great as both floor and wall tiles. But if you are looking for a creative-looking option with breathtaking looks, you can always settle with mosaic tiles.

Mosaics are considered suitable wall tiles that are easy to clean and maintain. Glass is usually used to make mosaic tiles that deliver a chic look. Moving on, the blog is all about design and placement ideas that you can use for floor tiles and wall tiles in different indoors. We have shortlisted 7 popular wall and floor tiles design ideas that will help you get a rough idea of how you should design your decor. Also, you will be able to figure out what type of tile will go where. So, let’s get started.

Herringbone pattern floors

The herringbone pattern always comes to mind when looking for a geometrical-inspired creative decor. These tiles do not just look perfect on the walls, but if you go with the right size and thickness, the design can perfectly uplift the flooring look. The slant pattern on herringbone floor tiles creates an artistic look on the floors. The best thing about the herringbone tiles is that they deliver a minimal look on the floors. So if you think that the pattern might dominate your decor, then don’t. This pattern is the perfect flooring option.

Neutral colors for bathrooms

If you will pick the right color tiles, it will surely make the decor look beautifully appealing. But going with gaudy, dark, and bold colors can ruin your efforts. Decorating the bathroom requires a picky taste that does not settle with every other option. In fact, you need to reconsider at least twice before finalizing the right color.

I must say, neutral colors are simply perfect for bathrooms. White tiles, light grey tiles, white marble tiles, dusty blue and white tiles, etcetera are some neutral color options that will be perfect for the bathrooms. You can create a soothing atmosphere for your bathroom using these color tiles.

Just because you are going with neutral colors, that does not mean you cannot go with textures. You can always choose white marble tiles or other minor textured tiles to create an engaging impact on the bathroom walls.

Geometric pattern tiles for living room walls

Typically, the area of living rooms is wider than other rooms. So, you can try different elements to make the decor look charming. Tiles are the best way to deliver your creative touch in the decor and make the indoor look adorable.

Geometric pattern tiles will not just cover the enormous space of your living room but will create a complementing look for your walls. Hexagon tiles and penny tiles are some popular geometric tile shapes that can help you enhance your living room’s decor.

Furthermore, you can also try to experiment with different sizes of geometric patterns. For instance, big hexagon tiles can look perfect for display walls. Similarly, small penny tiles can make the walls look engaging.

Color contrasting tiles for bedrooms and kitchens

When we talk about popular tiling ideas, missing some major rooms is a mistake no one can afford. Bedrooms and kitchens are cozy indoors that require special attention. Adapting the color contrast idea to complete the decor is something that will not just make the decor look engaging but will also help you highlight the walls.

You can prefer this scheme with either floor tiles or wall tiles. In fact, you can coordinate different colors on both floor and wall tiles. For instance, light color floor tiles will complement dark-shade wall tiles. Simultaneously, more than one color on the same wall can create an endearing touch on your walls. Just make sure that you are not selecting lighter and darker contrast on the same interior, as this will look too much.

Classic checkered board floors

People often prefer different themes to enhance the look of their floors. From vintage to contemporary, there are so many options available. But nothing beats the classic checkered floors containing black and white tiles. To ace the look, you need tough black tiles and white tiles.

You can always find black and white tiles in porcelain and ceramic materials. You just need to pick a suitable tile material for your floors and place the tiles in the perfect checkered board pattern. Once the floors are set with your choice of tiles, you will find that your floors are replicating a checkered board.

Vintage pattern tiles for large indoor floors

When it comes to large indoor floors, the synchronized tiling options are not limited. But the tricky part is going with the perfect large floor tiles option. You must make up your mind before making the final decision. However, this is also not easy because it is way too confusing.

So, let me help you with your large format tiles selection. Vintage large floor tiles such as Victorian patterns or Marrakesh patterns mosaic tiles will be helpful. Similarly, big floral patterns completing the large format tiles will do wonders for the living rooms, hallways, receptions, lobbies, terraces, and ballrooms.

Mix n’ match the color palette

Random Strip Wall Mosaic Tile

Mixing n’ matching more than one color palette can be time-consuming but is surely a worth it option for the indoors. No matter where you will use these tiles, the color combination idea never lets you regret it. Let me explain this with some examples.

If you look at a bedroom’s decor, you will find that people prefer going with lighter shades that give the room a cozy vibe. So, be it. Go with a light color palette with 2 or more color tile options contrasting with white tiles. For instance, white, beige, and grey tiles will look perfect together.

Similarly, you can try a comparatively darker color palette for comprehensive indoors. You can choose a combination of green, black, and white tiles for hallways as the space here is wide and dark colors will not dominate the premise. Thus, the mix n’ match color palette scheme looks beyond expectations, and this is why the idea is so popular.

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