Missing That Finishing Touch in Your Kitchen Cabinets? Here’s the List of Accessories That Are the Perfect Cabinet Add-ons.

by Dave Smith

Has it ever happened to you that no matter how expensive kitchen cabinets you have got, you feel that something is still missing? If it does, then there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, even the expensive-looking modular kitchen cabinets can look incomplete and unsatisfying if you do not have the right kitchen cabinet hardware. You can consider these accessories the finishing touch for your cabinets.

Usually, there are 2 types of accessories used to complete the kitchen cabinets. The first type is used to make the cabinets look appealing. On the other hand, the second type is used to increase the functionality of your cabinets and the kitchen itself.

There are several accessories and hardware that you can consider the perfect add-ons for your cabinets. So, let’s move on to the part where you will learn about these accessories and the purpose of using them in the kitchen.

Accessories you might find helpful for your kitchen cabinets:

Use floating shelves to hold onto things

floating kitchen shelves
Floating Kitchen Shelves

Floating shelves are more of an additional element than a part of the kitchen cabinets. They are usually used to decorate the kitchen. You can count on this add-on to get additional space. The shelf is fixed on the walls separately from the cabinets. There are several ways these shelves can come in handy.

For starters, you can fix this shelf at elevation and palace small indoor plants upon that. This way, your kitchen will look quite chic. You can also use the floating shelves to stack spice jars or cookie containers so that they are accessible to you whenever you need them.

Furthermore, there is another way to use these floating kitchen shelves, i.e., using them as a platform to keep your dishes, glasses, and mugs. As a result, the kitchen will look sorted and clutter-free, and that too in an organized manner.

Use crown molding to cover the hollow space between the cabinets

Cabinet Crown Molding
Crown Molding

Are you someone who believes in perfection and thinks everything needs to be done precisely? If you are that person who does not like any uneven corners that can add flaws to your kitchen, then you must not like hollow spaces between the cabinets and the walls.

Crown molding is the perfect accessory to fill in the gaps between cabinets. There are many color and design options available in cabinet crown molding that you can select based on what color kitchen cabinets you own.

Not just that, you can also create a unique look for your cabinets using different color cabinets crown molding to form a color combination. For instance, a light shade cabinet can look appealing with dark cabinets crown molding. On the other hand, a light color crown molding will look nice when used around dark kitchen cabinets. Thus, there will be no hollow space or gap between your cabinets. Also, the cabinets will look phenomenal.

Kitchen cabinets are incomplete without cabinet handles or pulls

Cabinet Handles and Pulls
Cabinet Handles or Pulls

Nobody wants cabinets that are difficult to operate. This is why you must look for accessories that complete the functionality factor. For that, you need cabinet pulls or cabinet handles. The cabinets pulls will help you pull the doors and drawers with a soft glide.

Now, some of you will think that what is the need for handles in one-touch cabinets. Even if you have modular kitchen cabinets that open or shut with a soft touch, there is no issue with using cabinet handles.

In fact, if the one-touch feature does not seem to work, you can always count on cabinet pulls. They not just add functionality but are also used to enhance the cabinet’s look.

Cabinet backplates – The perfect accessory to secure the cabinet from smudges

cabinet knob backplates
Cabinet Knob Backplates

It often happens that the cabinet handles, knobs, or pulls smudge the doors and drawers of your kitchen cabinets if they are not fixed firmly. The wobbling cabinet pulls leave dent or smudge marks on the cabinet’s surface, ruining its look forever.

Of course, it is so irritating to look at because it leaves a flaw on the entire cabinet. So, should you just ignore that? No! Leaving the cabinet with a flaw is something that you can actually avoid.

There’s a kitchen cabinet hardware solution you can consider opting for. You can always look for cabinet backplates. What exactly is the purpose of backplates? They are used behind the handles. It secures the cabinet from smudging if the knob or handle loses after a while.

Apart from that, the cabinet backplates are also an excellent accessory type used to give the cabinets a decorative look. There are several design options available. You can give your cabinet a customized look using backplates. They are available in modern as well as antique designs and finishes. So, indeed they are the perfect accessory that not just secures the cabinet from smudges but enhances its appearance.

Firmly close the cabinet doors with a magnetic cabinet door catch

Magnetic Door Catches
Magnetic Cabinet Door Catch

You can count on a magnetic door catch or a drawer catch to protect your cabinet from bugs, insects, dust, and food contamination. This tiny kitchen cabinet hardware plays an integral cabinet accessory.

Once you are done setting up your kitchen cabinets, it is important that you check whether the cabinet doors and drawers are closing properly. You might have noticed that instead of properly shutting, the cabinet doors are constantly opening.

What if I tell you that this issue can damage what’s kept inside the cabinets? As a matter of fact, yeah! The slightest opening may cost you big time. First, the cabinets get dirty pretty quickly with open cabinet doors and drawers. So, you are supposed to clean them every other day.

Simultaneously, the opening invites several insects to enter the cabinet and lay their eggs. This can turn out quite unhygienic, especially when food and edible items are involved. In short, loose cabinet doors and drawers leads to damaging what’s inside the cabinet.

Well, in that case, you can always use a magnetic door catch inside your cabinet. It will not just shut the doors properly but will keep what’s inside the cabinet safer. Thus, calling the door catch or drawer catch a lifesaver kitchen cabinet hardware will not be an overstatement.

Roll-out Trays for some additional space

cabinet roll-out trays
Cabinet Roll-out Trays

Since the cabinets are widely spacious, you can, of course, put too many items inside. But sometimes, this can be problematic because your hand has a limited reach, and the stuff is kept in a pretty deep corner.

This is why roll-out trays or drawer slides are the must-have accessories for the cabinet drawer. But, apart from the cabinet’s depth, there’s another reason that promotes roll-out trays. Using these drawer slides can come in handy when you are dealing with heavy cooking pots.

They are not just hidden inside the cabinet but are quite difficult to pull out. The reason behind this is the heavy weight of your cooking vessel. If the utensils are extremely hefty, you will obviously struggle to take them out of the kitchen cabinets.

Therefore, using drawer slides inside the cabinet will make your cabinet more functional. These rolling trays are easy to fix inside the drawers. Plus, you can also use them as an additional section to place cutleries or knives.

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