Things you should know about vinyl plank flooring if you are opting for one!

by Dave Smith

Are you someone who likes to follow whatever that is trending?

Vinyl plank flooring is one of the sustainable flooring options available in the market. Plus, it is quite trendy nowadays. It does not matter if you are looking for LVP flooring for your home or office, you will always be satisfied with their results.

As a matter of fact, vinyl flooring is an affordable option that almost everyone can afford. Just because it is affordable, that does not mean they are cheap. The quality of the vinyl plank floor is something that you can rely on. Or we can say that they are eligible from a longevity standpoint.

Adding on, if you can shift your budget slightly, you can find a more suitable option, i.e., luxury vinyl plank flooring. As you can see that the name includes the word ‘luxury,’ you surely have understood that this is an elite variant of LVP. This flooring is more versatile and beneficial than the economical alternative. Of course, since it is a luxury item, it will surely cost more than regular vinyl plank flooring.

Well, there are not many differences between these 2 variants. LVP still comes with numerous advantages. You can always consider these benefits when planning to buy vinyl flooring for your decor. 

How will it be helpful? For what it is worth, you can estimate whether the flooring will go with your location of interest or not. Moving on, here are some interesting benefits of vinyl flooring. Also, we will be discussing some of the key information about it that will help you determine whether the luxury vinyl plank flooring is the right choice to opt for or not.

Benefits of vinyl floor indoors

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring
Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

We all look for some plus points that make our purchase worth it. Vinyl flooring also has several benefits that make it worth trying. Here are some points, or you can consider them as the benefits. Let’s have a look at these advantages.

Waterproof flooring – The most important benefit of vinyl flooring is that it is a waterproof vinyl plank flooring option. You can always opt for them in locations where the moisture content level is higher. Bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, laundry, basements, garages, workshops, etcetera are some of the high moisture content areas that can use this highly durable waterproof flooring. What makes it best is that the planks will not swell or come off from their joints if the moisture level increases. Plus, there will be no mold formation beneath the waterproof vinyl flooring.

Eligible for easy installation – Installation for flooring is something that sure takes a lot of time. But, we are not up for a time-taking option as we are already too packed with our schedules. This is where the LVP flooring comes into consideration. Luxury vinyl flooring comes with easy installation methods such as click-lock and glue-down. One can easily install these planks without spending hours and hours setting them.

Manageable – Vinyl plank floor is an easy-to-maintain flooring that does not require maintenance every now or then. You are not required to look for expensive chemicals and tools to maintain these planks. Also, this benefit leads to the cost-efficiency of these floorings because when your expenses are reduced, you simply save money.

Are there any disadvantages of vinyl flooring?

Disadvantages of vinyl flooring
Disadvantages of vinyl flooring

Of course, if you are investing in vinyl plank flooring, you sure might be interested in knowing if they have any limitations. As a matter of fact, there are some disadvantages, or you can consider them as the limitations of Luxury vinyl plank flooring. Here are some limitations for your consideration.

Repairing is quite challenging – As sturdy as they sound, once you accidentally break them, maintaining or repairing the LVP flooring can be challenging. There is no easy shortcut available in the market that can make them look flawless. Therefore, you will end up with a defective piece until it lasts in your location. So, it is highly recommended that you use them with proper care and try to avoid horrendous movements.

Not every design will resemble a wood-like look – What makes the luxury vinyl flooring look pleasing is its wooden flooring-inspired looks. However, there might be the possibility that some of the options that you will find in the market are not similar. In fact, the resemblance might look fake. So, you should look for every single detail in the looks of your flooring.

If not followed correctly, the installation may dislocate – While installing this flooring, you need to pay serious attention. Some of these planks have a click-lock installation method. Here, you are supposed to align them from their edges. But, if any single alignment is not set properly, it will result in dislocating the entire flooring. Thus, your entire hard work will be of no use. Plus, you will be required to repeat the process by starting from scratch.

What exactly is vinyl plank flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
Vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is an efficient flooring option that comes in a wood-like surface design. Earlier, people opted for wood floors to give a classic look to their homes. But maintaining them was a bit complicated. This is why the concept of LVP was introduced. It was so effective that everyone shifted their interest to them. 

For starters, LVP gets its strong structure from the composition of several rigid materials. Stone, wood, vinyl, concrete, etcetera, are some materials that are used to make these floorings. The best thing about this composition is that it makes these planks break-resistant. So, you can use them in both residential and commercial locations as they can lt in high-traffic areas.

Furthermore, LVP is sustainable, durable, affordable, waterproof, and long-lasting. The waterproof vinyl flooring is comprised of several layers, including a surface layer, multiple wear layers, a rigid core layer, and an underlayment layer.

In addition, some luxury vinyl flooring planks are available with an underlayment layer. This layer is an additional sheet that is fixed at the bottom of the planks. The purpose of using an underlayment is to reduce the ticking footstep noises. Also, it gives a comfortable walking experience without hurting your foot.

Is vinyl plank flooring a costly flooring alternative?

Still not convinced?

Do you think that vinyl plank floor will cost you more?

LVP flooring

Just because there are several benefits of vinyl flooring, that does not necessarily mean that they are going to be expensive. There are several affordable options available in the market that are budget-friendly and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Not just that, if you will compare vinyl alternatives with conventional wood flooring, you will find a massive difference between their costing. LVP floors do not cost as much as authentic wooden ones. In fact, you will find almost a 60% drop in the prices of LVP flooring planks.

However, if you compare the prices of regular vinyl floors and luxury vinyl flooring, there are chances that you will find them a little over budget. But they are still worth the cost. You will get several durable benefits from them.

Vinyl flooring – Not so hard to maintain!

Vinyl flooring

The simple and straightforward answer to this query is no. It is not hard to maintain vinyl planks flooring. They are easy to clean, pet-friendly, scratch-resistant, rigid, waterproof, and long-lasting. So, there is no point in worrying about their maintenance.

Moreover, its installation is not that chaotic. Anyone with good DIY skills can install it themselves. So, if you are not convinced to pay an outsider, why not try installing them on your own?

In addition, you do not need to spend too much time and money on their maintenance. You are not required to follow a long cleaning regime every now and then. Mopping the floors will be enough. Also, no expensive maintenance is required for cleaning.

Design options you get!

Waterproof vinyl flooring

There are tons of color options available for you to choose from. Waterproof vinyl flooring is available in extremely rich and intense shades. Also, you can choose light color schemes too. You can choose any shade depending on the location you want the floors.

Apart from that, the LVPs contain a soothing natural design that no one can dislike. After all, we all adore the natural beauty of wooden floors. You can choose a similar wood design to give the indoors a cozy and natural feel. 

Just because these are wood-resembling planks, that does not mean that they will all look the same. Every design can be different from one another. Some might have mild strokes, and some are available with dense wood textures.

Do not worry about the installation!

Does the hectic installation bother you?

Easy to Install Vinyl Flooring

What if we tell you that their installation is more time-efficient than tiling the floors? Yes, you heard that right! As discussed above, the installation procedure of LVP is relatively inexpensive and less time-consuming. In fact, it will only take a few hours to set these planks. Click-lock and glue-down methods are commonly used for installation. Plus, they are effective too. Just make sure that you have followed every step to the point. This way, your flooring will be fixed in no time.

Brands you wanna consider for purchasing vinyl plank flooring.

Top LVP Flooring Brands

Of course, when purchasing LVP, you have to be certain that you are investing your money in a reliable brand. COREtec, Cali Bamboo, and Shaw Floors are some prominent brands that make the most durable-quality vinyl plank floor. These popular brands deal in flooring that contains a durable thickness, waterproof surface, long-lasting strength, and eco-friendly composition.

Are vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring any different?

Vinyl vs Laminate

Well, yeah! There are many differences between the two of these floorings. Both might resemble a typical wood flooring look, but they are not alike. Here’s how you can find out which is more suitable and how they are different.

First of all, luxury vinyl plank flooring is a more efficient and sustainable flooring option. In contrast, laminate flooring is not ideal from a longevity perspective. 

Then, the installation process can tell you the difference. LVPs are placed via the floating or glue-down method. Each plank needs to be settled by following the alignment. But in a laminate flooring scenario, you are supposed to trim the sheet with a utility knife or a saw.

Moving on, with underlayment layers, LVP flooring does not seem to create footstep noise when you walk on them. On the other hand, laminate flooring tends to create a lot of noise. Every time you walk on them, you can hear the annoying noise of footsteps.

At last, the surface of vinyl plank flooring is smooth, and you can feel its soft textures on the surface. But, this is not the case with laminate floors. You will find them a little hard and uneven.

The bottom line:

In the end, waterproof vinyl plank flooring is an extremely efficient flooring option. It comes with several benefits that seem to be enhancing its credibility. So, if you are ever planning to have second thoughts on whether you buy them or not, just remember what you have read in this blog. Hope you find the information useful and will consider them while purchasing one for your home

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